Fun Facts about Accounting

Although it may seem unbelievable that “fun” could ever describe accounting – here are some reasons accounting is a lot more fun than you may think:

You get to meet interesting people
As an accountant working with the public you’ll get to meet a variety of people from all walks of life. You’ll see the inner workings of many different types of businesses, and you’ll also get to see how these individuals and businesses progress and evolve over time.

Accountants don’t just do taxes
Although 60% of taxpayers must hire a professional to get through their tax return1 (job security anyone?), accountants work across every industry, which means your career path could be diverse as your passions. Here are some surprising places where accountants work:

  • Prior to handing out the awards at the Oscars, a team of CPAs spends about 1,700 hours counting the Academy Award ballots by hand.2
  • The FBI employs 2,000 accounting special agents to handle review of white collar crimes.3 In fact, FBI accounting agents were the ones responsible for bringing down the famous Chicago crime boss Al Capone. Despite his many alleged crimes, he was ultimately arrested and convicted for income tax evasion.1

Accounting isn’t just about math and numbers
Although the numbers make up a big part of an accountant’s job, as an accountant you must also have a firm grasp on the bigger picture of financial analysis and reporting and economic trends. You will need to be able to solve puzzles and answer mysteries in the numbers. You will work with various technology and software in handling data, but also work with people and businesses, giving advice on how they can best handle their money. It’s an excellent occupation for those who have an analytical mind but also enjoy working with others and have a high degree of integrity.

Accounting is a field with a lot of opportunity.
The need for accountants is expected to stay high even over the next ten years. Those who work in the field of accounting at all levels report high levels of satisfaction with their jobs, make a good living, and have a lot of job security. It is also one of the fields of businesses with a more balanced representation of both men and women. In fact, women make up over 60% of the accountants and auditors in the United States.3

Written by
Chuck Steenburgh